Authors / Contributors

Jim Davis, Principal Analyst, Edge Research Group

Jim Davis is the founder and principal analyst of Edge Research Group, as well as a contributing analyst for Structure Research. He has a track record of providing insights into the technologies and companies that are influencing markets. Prior to founding the Edge Research Group, Jim was a Principal Analyst with 451 Research for 17 years, covering cloud networking and security services, including content delivery networks, interconnection, peering, and cloud exchange services. Learn more at

Philbert Shih, Managing Director, Structure Research

Phil is the Managing Director and Founder of Structure Research, an independent research firm focused on the cloud, hosting and data centre infrastructure service provider markets. Based out of Toronto, Structure Research is squarely focused on the SMB to mid-tier segments with an emphasis on international markets, particularly the Asia-pacific region. The firm provides publication of syndicated and customized research and analysis, strategic consulting, advisory services and public speaking. Clients include service providers, technology vendors supplying service providers and investors. Learn more at

Alex Marcham, Network Architecture 2020

Alex is a technologist, writer and researcher focused primarily on network technology, wireless networks, and edge computing. His 10 year career in engineering, marketing and product management has allowed him to translate his market insights into innovative products and solutions. He holds an MSc in network engineering and his analysis and research of industry technologies, trends and tribulations can be found at